Something you’ve been trying doesn’t seem to be working. You may find yourself thinking, “I should try harder”, or “I should try something else”. 

In this video, find out the trouble with trying. Then discover the benefits of an alternative perspective.

Now over to you: do you find that the harder you try not to stammer, the more likely you are to stammer? Are there times in your life when you take a more experimental approach to problem-solving? What would you like to see me doing next to support you?


  1. Many thanks for the great work you are doing.

  2. I wish I had came across your website when I was in college. Your videos are very helpful.
    In my case the harder I try not to stammer the more I do because it built pressure and stress to speak fluently. I just have tried telling my self again and again that I can speak fluently or tried not to get too much stressed. Your insight has made me look at my stammer in a very different way and how my thinking of taking it as a curse has worsened it over the years.

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