Do you find that the fear of stammering makes you mentally and physically tense up, even before you’ve begun to speak? Find out the surprising connection between letting go of this fear…and learning to juggle.

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  1. , my child had a rough time in school with settutring. I told his teachers and all who would listen, to get to eye-level and maintain eye-contact, which they found incredibly helpful and so much less stressful on both teacher and child. My son would try to explain to friends that some kids had other kinds of afflictions, this was his and it would get better. It didn’t bother me when he told me he had to beat up a couple of kids (only 2) who wouldn’t let up on the teasing. One at 10 and one at 13. Nobody messed with him again, the stutter eventually went away and he is now an incredibly successful businessman who is well-respected for his accomplishments.Good luck. Relax Meredith

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