Staple Inn

Staple Inn


Our meeting place is at 5 Staple Inn, High Holborn, London WC1V 7QH. This is in central London, just outside Chancery Lane underground station. Please read the information below carefully, so that you can find your way easily to the correct entrance.



Finding your way

  • Please allow plenty of time to travel so that you can arrive on time.
  • If coming by tube, take Exit 3 from Chancery Lane underground station (on the central line).
  • Continue straight ahead out of the exit. You’ll see Staple Inn, a large black and white Tudor building, on your right.
  • Walk for 30 metres, passing Caffe Vergnano and a Vodafone shop on your right.
  • Turn into the archway that’s immediately after the Vodafone shop.
  • This archway leads into a courtyard.
  • Immediately inside the archway on the left is a wooden door. You have arrived!

Upon arrival

  • PLEASE NOTE: there is no reception or waiting room at this location, so it’s important that you arrive at the entrance at your scheduled appointment time. There are lots of nearby shops and cafes where you can spend spare time before your appointment.
  • At the exact time of your appointment, press the button labelled “Staple Inn Associates” (the name of the therapy practice).
  • There’s no need for you to speak over the intercom if you’d prefer not to, as I’ll be expecting you at your appointment time. I’ll just say “Hello, this is Sarah” and release the door lock for you so you can push the door open and come in.
  • I’ll come to greet you as you come up the stairs to the first floor. I’ll show you where things are, including where the toilets are. You can help yourself to drinking water in the therapy room.
  • If you’d prefer not to use the intercom system, you can text me (on 07828 961 875) to let me know you’ve arrived. I’ll then come to the door to let you in.
  • For 8pm appointments, the courtyard gates are usually closed, so I’ll come down at 8pm to let you in.



    Sarah Leach

    Speech Therapist (fluency specialist)

    5 Staple Inn, High Holborn,
    London WC1V 7QH

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