Please read this page carefully. It contains important information about what you need to do before beginning speech therapy.


Firstly, please click on the client agreement below and check you agree with the terms and conditions of the speech therapy package. Print a copy to fill out and bring with you to session one and keep a copy yourself for reference:


Please arrange payment in advance, using one of the following options (in order of preference):

1. Make an online bank transfer of £525 to: Ms S F Leach, Co-operative Bank, 08-93-00, 02012973 (please quote your name as a reference)

2. Bring a cheque for £525 to session one (payable to Sarah Leach)

3. Make a payment of £525 via PayPal, either using your PayPal account or by choosing the credit/debit card option: If necessary, you can pay in two monthly instalments of £270 via PayPal using the above link. The expiry date of the card you use must be valid for at least 3 months.

Confirmation and booking

Please email me to confirm you have arranged advance payment. I will then send you an online booking link, for you to book all 6 pre-paid sessions at the time(s) agreed in the consultation.

Recommendations and daily life practice

An integral part of speech therapy is the daily life practice and recommendations you explore between sessions. So, in preparation for session one:
1. Fill out these 2 self-rating profiles
2. Draw up a timeline (from when you were born to now) and write on it specific events/memories and/or significant periods in your life that may have been turning points or may have marked a change in your experience of stammering in some way.
3. Choose at least one different (non-verbal) habit/routine/activity each day (eg brushing your teeth, having a shower, getting dressed, making breakfast, your commute to work etc). Firstly, notice what you usually do automatically. Then carry out some experiments with change by slightly varying some aspect of what you usually do (eg the sequence/rate/position/method etc). Reflect on things like: how easy or difficult it is to remember to do this practice; what it feels like to do familiar things in a way that’s different from usual; what this whole experience may suggest about your particular learning style. The following video blog explores why these experiments are useful preparation for starting speech therapy (the video and audio have gone out of synch, sorry!).
If you have queries about any of the above, please email me before we meet for session one.

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