Are you feeling held back by your stammer?

You are a talented person, with a lot to offer. You want to be able to say what you want to say, and do what you want to do. But you feel like your stammer holds you back.

Most people are unaware of just how strongly your stammer affects you.

This may be in very specific scenarios, such as meetings where you dread having to introduce yourself. Or it may affect various areas of your life, from everyday situations like not choosing the item you want from a menu, to issues like not progressing further in your career, despite having all the necessary skills and experience.

Trying to find a solution

This could be the first time you’ve considered getting support. You’ve worked really hard to find ways to avoid stammering (also known as stuttering). You may have become successful at keeping your stammer hidden. But this avoidance takes a lot of effort and can feel like it’s imprisoning you.

Or maybe you’ve sought help before. Perhaps you tried your local NHS service but you didn’t see a stammering specialist or were only able to have a limited number of sessions. You may have attended groups with other people who stammer but you didn’t receive enough one-to-one guidance. Or you might have tried things like hypnotherapy, self-help programmes or YouTube videos that turned out to be little or no help.

Whatever you’ve tried, it’s likely you’ve felt disappointed. And despite your best efforts, you still feel held back by your stammer.

Drawbacks of “going it alone” or a “one size fits all” approach

Trying to manage without support can be incredibly hard, especially when you have a new challenge to face, such as a change at work, which suddenly requires you to move out of your comfort zone. Strategies that seemed to work for you before can start to fail and you’re left feeling unsure of what to do next.

Many approaches to stammering seem to be founded on the idea that “this worked for me, so it will work for you”. The trouble is, there isn’t currently one approach that’s been found to help everyone. You and your stammer are unique. So therapy needs to reflect this, in order for you to discover what feels right for YOU.

Specialist speech therapy tailored to your individual needs

Instead of struggling to cope alone or feeling constricted by an approach that just doesn’t seem to “fit”, imagine having someone to guide you towards a greater sense of freedom. A specialist speech therapist can work in partnership with you, navigating through the complexity of psychological, emotional, behavioural and physical aspects of dysfluency, so that you can find ways to manage your stammer with increasing ease.

Working together

I’m Sarah Leach, the founder of Communication Liberation. I am a London-based highly specialist speech therapist, dedicated to supporting adults who have a stammer/stutter to express themselves more freely. This work is particularly important to me because stammering runs in my family.

More about Sarah

The first step

Request a free 40-45 minute initial consultation by using the contact form below. This provides an opportunity for us to discuss how things are for you now, how you’d like them to be and how suited we are to working together.

Moving forward

After a consultation, if you decided to go ahead with speech therapy, you would be invited to sign up for a Moving Forward speech therapy package. This package aims to support you to start:

  • gaining a better understanding of both the noticeable and the more hidden aspects of your stammer
  • exploring what supports your natural fluency
  • learning ways of relating to your experience with more ease
  • becoming more true to yourself in your communication
  • experiencing more freedom to say and do what you want.

Your Moving Forward speech therapy package will include:

  • 6 one-to-one speech therapy sessions of 1 hour, tailored to your particular needs, usually taken weekly over a period of 2 months
  • a structured online programme of daily life practices and recommendations (including online worksheets, handouts, videos, awareness exercises etc) to help you take the learning process into your everyday life and maximise the benefits of the one-to-one sessions
  • access to email support in between sessions to answer any queries you may have
  • information about other contacts and resources to link you up with organisations and people providing further support.

After your Moving Forward speech therapy package, depending on your individual needs, you may wish to progress further with Moving Forward 2 and Continuing Forward packages.

More about therapy

Meeting place

Staple Inn is a beautiful Tudor building in High Holborn, in the The City of London, just outside Chancery Lane underground station (on the Central line). Staple Inn is easily accessible from across London. Alternatively, if it’s not possible to meet in person, you can have online speech therapy via Skype.

Meeting times

Face-to-face speech therapy appointments are on Wednesdays and Thursdays between 11.30am and 9pm. Skype speech therapy appointments are on Wednesdays or Thursdays between 11.30am and 5pm and some Tuesday daytimes, on request.


By starting speech therapy, you’re investing in yourself. You’re investing not only money but also time and energy. The rewards can be great. But you need to feel ready. The initial 40-45 minute consultation is free, to help you decide whether to take the next step.

Moving Forward speech therapy packages are £525. Continuing Forward speech therapy packages are from £255.

What if…?

Making a commitment to a Moving Forward package provides you with a supportive context for speech therapy and increases the likelihood of it being beneficial. However, if at any point you decide it doesn’t feel right for you, you have the freedom to stop and receive a refund for the remainder of the package.

Free initial consultation

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